What is WoPSR.net?

WoPSR.net is a blog.

Who runs WoPSR.net?

Qwertz runs WoPSR.net with the assistance of the Chamberlain of Content, the Castellan of Quotes, the Seneschal of Comments, the Steward of Privacy, and the Majordomo of Links.

Who is Qwertz?

Qwertz is an attorney in a key Midwestern swing state. Qwertz is also an Objectivist. If you are lucky enough to know anything more specific than that, Qwertz asks that you keep it to yourself. Unless otherwise indicated, Qwertz writes the original content of the site, and the opinions expressed herein are entirely Qwertz’ own. You may send email to Qwertz by clicking here. Just because Qwertz is an attorney doesn’t mean you should take anything he writes here as legal advice, or even as an accurate and reliable statement of the law. Qwertz is a lawyer, he’s just not your lawyer. For legal advice, contact a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. Don’t ask Qwertz for legal advice in the comments or by email.

Who is the Chamberlain?

The Chamberlain of Content controls the content of the site. Copyright concerns, or concerns about original post content should be directed to the Chamberlain. The Chamberlain may be contacted by clicking here.

Who is the Castellan?

The Castellan of Quotes manages the Quotes database. This is the database from which the quotes that appear on the top of the site are drawn. The Castellan appreciates your submissions to the Quotes database, but please do not submit more than one quote at a time, and make sure all quotes are sourced as best they can be. The Castellan decides whether or not to enter a quote into the database. The database is small right now, but will grow in the future. The Castellan also appreciates any corrections to the quotes. You may email the Castellan by clicking here.

Who is the Seneschal?

The Seneschal of Comments oversees the smooth operation of the comments. The Seneschal reviews submitted comments to make sure they comply with the Comments Policy. The Seneschal has ultimate authority over the approval of comments, and has the power to blacklist non-compliant commenters. Concerns about the content of posted comments should be directed to the Seneschal. You may send a message to the Seneschal by clicking here.

Who is the Steward?

The Steward of Privacy ensures the privacy of WoPSR.net’s users and authors. While nothing on the Interweb is entirely anonymous, the Steward works to make sure the email addresses of visitors and authors are kept away from canned meat manufacturers. The Steward also keeps the visitor statistics for the site, and crafts the site’s Privacy Policy. Privacy questions should be directed to the Steward by clicking here.

Who is the Majordomo?

The Majordomo of Links manages the blogroll and other links. Additions and removals are the responsibility of the Majordomo. The Majordomo also receives notices from considerate website owners who notify this site when they publish links to this site. The Majordomo is extremely appreciative of such notices, which should be sent by clicking here.

What does “WoPSR” stand for?

We will let you know when we figure it out.

What is Objectivism?

Objectivism is the philosophy of American novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand. To learn more about Objectivism, please visit the Ayn Rand Institute. This site is not affiliated with the Ayn Rand Institute.

I don’t like {x}.

Don’t complain here. Go somewhere else.

I want {y} removed, and I have a legal right to request the removal of {y}.

Email the Majordomo of Links or the Chamberlain of Content, whichever is appropriate for your request.

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