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Incompetent Industrials III

Free Legal Advice

Number One: Know your own Terms of Service. Number Two: Don’t fuck with me. Number Three: When shopping for a Ventrilo server, think twice about Darkstar, LLC. Bonus Number Four: Learn how to spell “do.”

Late to the ATTN Party

These are really quite clever. Apparently they’ve been around for a while. httpvp://

Diving Sign Fail

Via FAIL Blog, this Orange County sign: The references are to the Orange County Codified Ordinances. The ordinances read: Sec. 2-5-49. – Diving/jumping. No person shall dive or jump into any body of water in park, beach or any recreational area from any pier, bridge, rock or precipice other than at those places designated and posted for diving or jumping by the Director, as authorized by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. Violation of this section shall be an infraction. Sec. 2-5-49.1. – Landing in water after having jumped or dived. No person shall land in any body of water [ . . . ]

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