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Compare & Contrast

Our first production assignment in film school was to film and edit together a silent short, then give it a soundtrack that completely altered the emotional response of the viewer. It was a demonstration of the equally-matched emotional power of picture and sound. It was a challenging exercise. Today, I present you with two videos, both of which use nearly the same soundtrack, but with different pictures. This inverts the exercise. Watch them both, then tell me how each made you feel. Don’t think too much, and don’t try to limit yourself by thinking which is better. Just watch and [ . . . ]

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Photo of Movie Pirate on Drudge?

I’m looking forward to James Cameron’s Avatar just like everyone else. But when I saw this photo on a Drudge Report headline about the film, I got a little upset. Photo by John Shearer, Getty Images, 2009 Is that person in the aisle seat of the second row videotaping the movie off the screen? Am I the only one who sees this? Never ever ever videotape a movie in the theater. That’s called stealing, and it’s wrong. Never ever ever encourage this kind of behavior by downloading movies off the Internet. That’s stealing too, and just as wrong. As for [ . . . ]

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Zombieland, Paranormal Activity, & The Informant!

Being unemployed, I can go to the cinema on a Tuesday morning and see three pictures in a row. This is precisely what I did this week. I saw three films. The theater was also playing Michael Moore’s latest barf-fest, but I decided that I’ve had nothing to say about Michael Moore for years now and wouldn’t want to ruin a good thing. Zombieland I’ve never liked zombie films much, mostly because they are within the post-apocalyptic survival genre I could never get into, since they invariably involve some self-sacrificing dipshit who gets himself killed in order to save the [ . . . ]

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Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

Spoilers. I did take time out of my absurd schedule to go see Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince at midnight on Wednesday. Which reminds me how irritating it is when I go buy a ticket for “12:00am Tuesday” for a 12:00am Wednesday showing. That people and movie theatres cannot figure out the midnight thing confuses and infuriates me. I know movie theatres count midnight showings as part of the business day preceding, but one would think that in today’s glorious age of fancy computers ticketing and revenue software could be programmed to handle this crap in a more sensible [ . . . ]

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