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Compare & Contrast

Our first production assignment in film school was to film and edit together a silent short, then give it a soundtrack that completely altered the emotional response of the viewer. It was a demonstration of the equally-matched emotional power of picture and sound. It was a challenging exercise. Today, I present you with two videos, both of which use nearly the same soundtrack, but with different pictures. This inverts the exercise. Watch them both, then tell me how each made you feel. Don’t think too much, and don’t try to limit yourself by thinking which is better. Just watch and [ . . . ]

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Bar Exam

There. That’s over. It’ll be three months before I know if I passed.

An excerpt from a footnote in my Law Review article

Here is a hopefully useful excerpt from a footnote in my Law Review article. It’s not the whole footnote, and I’m not going to share the entire article for at least some time, as I have other plans for it. But this one footnote, the result of many, many hours of research, could be useful to others and I thought I would share it. (For those who are interested, the article is not really about same-sex marriage as such, but about an obscure little choice of law problem in one of the very few areas where federal courts have to [ . . . ]

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“Knock, Knock!”

“Who’s there?” “Orange.” “Orange who?” “Orange you glad you didn’t vote for McCain!” I still say Stevens is due – he’ll be 89 this year. And Ginsburg has health issues. Luckily all three are part of the liberal bloc and will be replaced with liberals – not likely to upset court balance. I’m in the middle of finals week in my last semester in law school. Assuming I pass everything, I’ll graduate on May 17th, which is incidentally the septenvigintennial of my birth.

Over-the-Shoulder Boulder Holder

William Gluckin & Co. v. Int’l. Playtex Corp., 407 F.2d 177 (2d Cir. 1969), is an opinion upholding the issuance of a preliminary injunction against Playtex, manufacturer of, ahem, ladies’ support garments, prohibiting Playtex from prosecuting a lawsuit it had filed against Woolworth & Co. for selling brassieres manufactured by Gluckin at Woolworth’s stores in Georgia. See, what happened was this: Playtex had a patent, and Gluckin (allegedly) infringed the patent and sold the infringing unmentionables to Woolworths, who sold lots of them in Georgia. Woolworth’s, Playtex, and Gluckin were all New York corporations amenable to suit in New York, [ . . . ]

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Finals are one down, three to go. As the kids say, “woot!”


I am happy to announce that the unplanned, unannounced hiatus on which I have been for the past week or so is finally over! Excitement! Unfortunately, the planned, announced hiatus on which I am now going has only just begun. Unfortunate! The last few weeks of the semester are at hand, and will be followed inevitably and diabolically by the extremely unpleasant exam week. I’m sure there are fives, maybe even tens of you out there who have missed me this past week, and, alas, you shall all just have to go on missing me for a while longer. Woe! [ . . . ]

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