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So if I post a link to a product there, and you click it and then buy something, I might get a small commission in the form of store credit. I’m also working on doing the same with iTunes. I’m going to be making a number of other changes soon as well. I need to clean up the blogroll, replace the Flash clocks with canvases, and fix the wishlist. I’m also working on a major project, based on some recent research I’ve been doing into combinatorial mathematics. That project will eventually get some attention here, when it’s done. For [ . . . ]

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The Chamberlain announces a facelift to the site. Full functionality has been restored, though some minor changes may still occur. Please notify the Chamberlain of any errors. ~ Chamberlain of Content

Testing Twitter Integration

Once more trying to get WordPress to tweet my blog posts with URL-shortening by I think it will work this time. Update: It works!

Sort of Back

I am sort of back from hiatus. Kind of. I got the site updated to latest WordPress, something I’ve been meaning to do for . . . um . . . a year now? Also added Twitter to the right hand sidebar and fixed the Wishlist page, which broke on August 17th, 2009, when Amazon started requiring all Web Service requests to be signed. I’ll be making changes to the Blogroll over the next few days. There are lots of places I want to add, and I want to add a category of frivolous fun sites. Also, I made the site mobile-accessible. Actually, I think I [ . . . ]

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Still gone, but with a request

I’ve been so very busy. Graduating from law school, then preparing for the bar. The bar is in a week and a half (last Tues-Thurs in July) and I’m starting to feel the stress. I’m also just now in the middle of a house move which must be completed by the day after the last day of the bar exam, so that’s a bit stress-inducing there, too. So I’m still going to be gone for a while. I hope in August to get up to one post a week again, and we’ll see how it goes. In the meanwhile, I [ . . . ]

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Where Have I Been?

I have been busy. Very busy indeed. First, I spent much of the summer working for a local judge. I can’t tell you which one. It was a wonderful experience and I got to work on a variety of cases. Classes started two weeks ago and I am getting back into the swing of things. I recently applied for a job with the Federal government: as a judicial clerk. It’s highly competitive. I do hope I get one. So I’ve managed to neglect my blog for most of the summer, which was not my intention. Now that I am back [ . . . ]

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Rosebush Watch

I set up a camera to watch my rosebush. You can see a live picture of my rosebush here [Link removed because Rosebush Watch ended on July 1, 2008] or by clicking on the little rosebush sitting on the W in the header. The camera watches 24/7. If you’re lucky, you might catch me watering it some time.