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Oh, Alex III

Mr Trebek had a minor heart attack at his home yesterday. He is recovering in hospital, and intends to continue hosting Jeopardy! when it resumes taping in January. I wish him well, and look forward to many more awkward contestant interviews in the future.

Happy Christmas, Brenda Lee

*Sniffle* Once again, The Closer proves itself to be the best damn show on TV.


Jorja Fox, who plays Sara Sidle on CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, is leaving the show! Tonight was her final appearance! Apparently this is old hat, and had I been paying any attention to the Internets, I would have know this since August. Still, it is quite disappointing.


I don’t think so! From what I’ve been able to dig up on the Internets, “Macgyver” was composed by Randy Edelman and “Rescue Rangers” by Mark Mueller. “Macgyver” predates “Rescue Rangers” by 3½ years. I think “Rescue Rangers” was intended to be evocative of “Macgyver.” Again, both are favorite shows from childhood.

The Secret

I have discovered the secret of high blog traffic! Since I posted about this week’s episode of House, M.D., my hits have quadrupled. Apparently, many people want to know about the phrase written on the chalkboard behind House in the classroom where he grilled his 40 or so candidates: Tesla was Robbed! The phrase appears alone on the board early in the episode. But later in the episode, House writes the following above it: SYNRBCTACHPANIC for synesthesia, red blood count, tachycardia and panic attacks. These latter are part of House’s diagnostic procedure. He’s using the chalkboard instead of the old [ . . . ]

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Tesla was Robbed!

Tonight’s House, M.D. is very entertaining so far. House should have a 40-member team all the time! Update: But next week’s “Dr. House Pulls a Kiefer in Flatliners” looks awful! Update II: See The Secret for more on the meaning of “Tesla was Robbed!”

Blast from the Past

I’m quite busy. I have three large papers due in the next 7 days. So posts this week are likely to be on the rather fluffy side. Like this: I used to watch this show when I was very young. The theme has been stuck in my head ever since. It would pop up, usually in the shower, from time to time, and I couldn’t place it. Then I stumbled on this. It was truly a delightful moment. I could feel my brain click.