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On the American-ness (Americanity?) of Christmas

Christmas (also termed Christmas Day and December 25) is an American holiday (5 U.S.C. § 6103(a) (Federal gov’t), Ala. Code § 1-3-8(a) (Alabama), Alaska Stat. § 44.12.010(a)(11) (Alaska), Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 1-301(A)(15) (Arizona), Ark. Code § 1-5-101(a)(10) (Arkansas), Cal. Gov’t Code § 6700(m) (California), Colo. Rev. Stat. § 24-11-101(1) (Colorado), Conn. Gen. Stat. § 1-4 (Connecticut), Del. Code tit. 1, § 501(a) (Delaware), D.C. Code § 1-612.02(a)(10) (District of Columbia), Fla. Stat. § 110.117(1)(i) (Florida), Ga. Code § 1-4-1(a)(1) (Georgia, incorporating by reference 5 U.S.C. § 6103), Haw. Rev. Stat. § 8-1 (Hawai’i), Idaho Code § 73-108 (Idaho), 10 Ill. Comp. Stat. 5/1-6(b) (Illinois), Ind. Code § 1-1-9-1(a) (Indiana), Iowa Code § 1C.1(10) (Iowa), Kan. Stat. [ . . . ]

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Click and drag.

Randall Munroe of xkcd recently posted a comic that included an enormous world to explore, full of fun things do discover. He called it “Click and drag.” You really ought to explore the original for a while, because part of the point of the comic is that exploration takes time and effort. But when you’re done with that, check out my zoomable Google Maps version here.

A Brief Follow-Up

Thank you to everyone who expressed concern. The official diagnosis is chronic sleep deprivation, causing anxiety, poor concentration, fatigue, and depression.

Dear Diary

My soul has been broken for so long I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be alive. That white hot electric shine of meeting each moment knowing, with full certainty, who I am and how to meet the next challenge barreling down on me. The quiet serenity of confidence in my ability to meet the future, and the blazing inferno of rage that anything should stand in my way. That secret, sacred, insatiable center feels cold and empty and dead. It has for some time. I’m 29 years old and I don’t think I can honestly say I’ve ever really [ . . . ]

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Are TSA Screenings Custodial?

Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966), requires that law enforcement officers read certain warnings to suspects before subjecting them to custodial interrogation. Failure to do so renders the defendant’s statements elicited thereby inadmissible in court. One of the key factors in determining whether Miranda applies to a particular situation is whether that situation is “custodial.” The standard for whether a situation is “custodial” is basically this: if the person is not free to leave, the situation is custodial. In this article, A regional TSA spokesperson out of Miami is quoted as saying that “once a person submits to the [ . . . ]

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The Autumnal Unpleasantness

This will in all likelihood be my only commentary on The Autumnal Unpleasantness. If you don’t know what that is, try and keep it that way. First this tweet: And also, this DM I sent to Trey: And that remains the sum of my evaluation of the matter. I know that the events have been of very significant importance to people about whom I care. But the fact remains that the whole affair, including the questions of who made the error, how, and why, does not affect me personally. I am not an academic, and I am not an activist. [ . . . ]

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What is “Legal”

This is a brief follow-up to the previous post. There are some misleading headlines out there about the Librarian of Congress’ new DMCA anti-circumvention exemptions announced today. Here’s an example: iPhone jailbreaking (and all cell phone unlocking) made legal There is confusion about what the word “legal” means. “Legal” in this context refers to acts that will not subject the person who does them to civil or criminal liability. Today’s new rules only decriminalize certain acts. Jailbreaking your phone may still subject you to civil liability. Therefore jailbreaking has not been “made legal” as the headline suggests. In fact, jailbreaking [ . . . ]

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