Here are the WoPSR.net site policies. Read them well. All visitors to this site are assumed to have read them.

Privacy Policy

This site uses Woopra to collect statistics on visitors. For details on what information is collected and how it is used, please see the Woopra website. Information may be used to report or blacklist visitors who do not choose to play by the rules. Email addresses of commenters will not be used except as needed by the Seneschal of Comments to administer the comments. Every effort will be made to protect email addresses appearing on this site from scraping. Accordingly, please do not post any email addresses in the comments. If you have any concerns, please email the Steward.

The Flash™ applications on this site make use of various scripts which access system variables. These applications are run on the client computer, and no data is passed back to the Interweb from the Flash™ applications. There is one exception. The Astrolabe application collects the visitor’s IP address and submits it to an open source database for geographic coordinate lookup. The coordinates are then passed back to the Flash™ application on the client computer for use in running the application. For details, see the Astrolabe entry on the Clocks page.

Content Policy

All content is original unless otherwise noted. Links to sources will be provided where possible. Unless clearly infringing, material hosted by other sites (including the YouTube™) and referenced or linked to herein is assumed to be hosted compatibly with copyright. Every effort has been made to ensure that copyrighted or trademarked material has been marked as such. If you are a copyright or trademark holder and believe any content here infringes on your legal rights, please send a message to the Chamberlain of Content. The Chamberlain will happily work with you to remedy any conflict.

The opinions expressed on this site are not to be construed as affiliated with or endorsed by any person entity mentioned in or linked from this site.

Original content of this site is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. It may not be duplicated without written permission, except as where permitted by law. Contact the Chamberlain for permission. If you wish to quote to the original content of this site, please be courteous and provide your readers with a link back to the original post. See the linking policy below.

There are several Flash™ applications of original design on this site. Under no circumstances are these applications to be copied for any other purpose than the necessary and usual copying required for viewing them at this site. They may not be incorporated into any other site, either by copying or by linking directly to the copy residing on the server for this site. Do not link directly to the Flash™ application (.swf file) under any circumstances. Link to the appropriate page or post. Violators will be banned, blacklisted, reported to the relevant parties, and possibly prosecuted. Just don’t do it.

Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed, but only at the indulgence of the Seneschal of Comments. The Seneschal reserves the right to edit or delete comments with or without notice to the commenter. A valid email address is required to post comments. The Seneschal may hold any and all comments for approval prior to posting. Do not post obnoxious, defamatory, base, juvenile, vapid, overly sexual or suggestive, or impertinent comments, or comments with advertisemental, privileged, or infringing content. Canned meats of any variety are strictly forbidden. Violators will be blacklisted and reported to the relevant parties. Please direct questions or concerns to the Seneschal.

Linking Policy

Links to the main page are expressly authorized. Direct links to individual posts are authorized if they are used in conjunction with discussions of the same or a similar topic. The Majordomo of Links would appreciate being notified of your links to this site, but this is entirely optional. The Majordomo will set up a trackback feature in the near future to facilitate such notices.

Blogroll Policy

The blogroll contains links to blogs that I read. Blogs linked in the blogroll are not specifically endorsed on any particular position, but are generally endorsed as intelligent and well-authored. To be eligible for linking from the blogroll, a blog must have an active, functioning RSS feed that accurately indicates when the blog was last updated. The blogroll is sorted according to most recent update. Blogs without qualifying feeds and other links that are not to blogs will appear alphabetically under the heading, “Other Links.” If your blog or site is linked in the permanent links and you would like the link removed, please send an email to the Majordomo of Links and it will be removed posthaste. The Majordomo will evaluate requests for delinking of sites referenced in the content of posts on a case-by-case basis.

FTC Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission regulates product endorsements by bloggers. Under the FTC’s revised rules, any blog post where the writer received compensation, in cash or otherwise, to review a product is considered an endorsement. Bloggers making endorsements must disclose all material connections with the seller of the endorsed product. This site participates in the Amazon.com Associates program and the Apple iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store Affiliates program. Therefore, links to products at Amazon.com or Apple’s iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, or Mac App Store may result in payment of a commission to the owner of the site. Except as noted above, unless otherwise stated in the body of the text of a post, there are no material connections between the writer of the post and the seller of any product mentioned in the post beyond the ordinary consumer relationship. Writers shall not append each post discussing a product with a “no material connections” disclaimer.

YouTube™ is a registered trademark of the Google, Inc.
Flash™ is a registered trademark of the Adobe Systems, Inc.

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