See below for instructions.

There is one thing that isn’t on any of the lists below that I really really want quite badly: a Sous Vide Supreme, which you can only buy from that link, for $399.


A little explanation of how Amazon.com’s wish list system works. If someone has some things on their Amazon.com wish list, others may purchase those things for the wish list owner. Amazon.com will then automatically ship the gift items to the wish list owner and remove the purchased items from the list, so that no one else buys the same things.

This means two things:

  1. You do not need to know my address in order to purchase things for me from Amazon.com and have them shipped to me.
  2. You have to cooperate and do things right, or it won’t work.

In order to buy me a thing from one of the lists, click the name of the thing. That will take you to the item page at Amazon.com, where you can see the price. In order to buy me the thing and have the whole wish list system work, you have to add the thing to your cart from this item page! If you navigate away from the item page and then come back to it, it won’t work. So the idea is to first click the item, then click “add to cart,” without doing anything else in between.

When you check out, you will have the option to have the item shipped to me, or to you. Obviously, don’t have it shipped to you unless you plan to see me.

The other option is to click the wish list name (big and centered, e.g., “General Wish List”). This will take you to the Amazon.com wish list page, which shows more information than the list above (including prices), and also gives you the opportunity to add things to your cart.

If for some reason you decide to purchase more than one thing, you must return to this page and click the item name, or add it directly from the wish list page. Amazon.com will save your cart for you, but if you add one thing, then use Amazon.com’s “search” feature to locate another thing by name, it won’t get shipped to me or get taken off the list.

This should go without saying, but if you go somewhere else to buy something for me, you a) won’t have my address, and b) run the risk of buying a duplicate. So just stick with Amazon.com. They have great prices and cheap (often free) shipping.

Finally, if you do buy something for me, send me an email and let me know that you bought something, but not what. Don’t want to spoil the surprise. Let me know you bought something so that I can be sure to thank you in the most appropriate way.

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